Huawei Honor 8x Black Friday Deals 2021

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after Google suspended Huawei 8x Black friday Future access to Android Play Store and safety updates, there are serious question marks over the future of Huawei and Honor phones.

Huawei Honor 8x Black Friday Deals

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Even though Google and Huawei have claimed to encourage phones now Available on the market, it is not clear just how long they will get Android updates or access into this Google Play Store, that could severely curtail their viability compared to the contest.

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The Honor 8X is the Type of phone you could buy for those who want one That appears fresh, together with all the latest design hints, but do not want to devote a massive amount of money.

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Additional parts of the layout are somewhat less flash, of course, and There are a couple little compromises into the hardware. But most problems are trifling things that you have used to fast, such as using a micro USB interface instead of a USB-C.

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Key features

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· All-screen front, glass back and metal frame

· Great 1080 x 2340 display

· Mid-range CPU is largest sign that this is not a flagship

This phone offers great value for money. Arguing against that idea is a tricky prospect.

The Honor 8X has a Glass back and metal components, exceptionally slim encircles and fairly slimline top notch. These factors combine to make the 8X seem as a phone several cost classes above.

Huawei Honor 8x Sale

It also has a really Good Total HD-grade display, a 20MP and 2MP dual-lens rear camera and a 16MP front camera. Again, they seem high end for the purchase price.

Where are the informs That this can be a far more affordable portable? The Honor 8X has a mid-range CPU that may do using a faster graphics chipset, its secondary rear camera is weak, and also the charging is a micro USB rather than a USB-C. It will not take decent night photographs if you don’t apply the AI Night style .

Given that the amount you Save compared to an ultra-high-end phone, that sounds a fair trade.


· Metal and glass layout

· micro USB charging

· Really large screen-to-body ratio

The Honor 8X seems Similar to a number of the costliest phones in the Earth, however really is a quarter the cost. This isn’t simply the purpose of this phone, it sums up the whole Honor strategy at the moment. You get more for your money than some other recognizable brands.

Huawei Honor 8x Deals

Very Significant Screen-to-body ratio is that the particular appearance that the Freestyle 8X not simply emulates, but achieves. When we turned the phone on, we’re somewhat shocked. No version to date has provided such an all-screen look at the cost.

The Honor 8X’s construct Is comparable using these more expensive versions also. Plates of glass make up the front and back, and the sides are a matte-finish aluminum. There are only a couple of slight indications this is not really in precisely the same class as a 500-1000 dollar/pound phone.

Slim boundaries of Plastic sit between the metal and glass parts, and also the end of this back is rather plain. There is no light-reactive layer, none of the amazing gradients found in another Honor and Huawei phones. A subtle two-tone band prevents it from becoming plain black, however it took us a while to notice that was the case.

This phone may be Two-tone, however, these 2 tones are shades of black.

The Honor 8X also feels much less dense and costly than the iPhone XS. Thinking about the radical price Gap, though that was not the case it might appear strange.

Honor’s usage of a micro USB interface instead of a USB-C is the one hardware niggle that sticks out. Value-packed as the Honor 8X isalso, this cost band is USB-C land in 2018.

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