JBL GO 2 Black Friday Deals 2021

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In this post we are going to provide you JBL GO 2 Black Friday Deals 2021. When it comes to audio Functionality, it Is usually the case that Bigger speakers sound better only because they have more space to pack in greater drivers which may move more air. It’s just math. Nevertheless, however, you can find speakers which punch far above what their dimensions indicates – the JBL GO 2 is just one of these speakers.

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The JBL GO steps only 71.2 x 86.0 x 31.6 (mm) but it receives surprisingly loud. Considering its size, sound performance is great… even when the bass response can not keep up with the clean-sounding mids and highs.

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Its 5-hour battery life leaves something to be desired however, For $40 (#30, AU$50), this IPX7 waterproof speaker is a steal for people who require portability over all else.

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The JBL GO 2 does not feature the Normal fabric outside additional Watertight speakers. Rather, it sports a rubberized casing that feels durable. If you are scared of looking like everybody else in the shore with a standard black box, then the GO 2 comes at a shocking 12 colors so that you can select one that best reflects your preferences.

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In front Of the speaker is still a sizable JBL emblem and a grille which lets the sound to work outward. There’s no rear grille for bass radiators, such as you might find on a speaker such as the Sony SRS-XB41, but that is expected to get a speaker of this size.

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Each the controls are situated on top of the speaker. You’ve got Buttons such as power, pairing, volume, and also a multi-function button. The latter functions as playback controls along with a long-press activate your cellphone’s voice helper. This also means there is a speakerphone, which permits you to command your voice helper or take calls. On the other hand, the speakerphone is not especially sensitive and you are going to need to talk.

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At the right of this speaker is a rubberized door which hides the MicroUSB charging interface and 3.5millimeter aux jack for legacy devices.

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JBL GO 2 Black Friday Deals


Do not let its diminutive stature fool you, the JBL GO 2 may really crank the tunes. We discovered that 50% quantity is comfy for listening to audio and forcing it over 75% actually offers a surprisingly full sound for such a tiny speaker.

Nevertheless, you ought to be cautious going overboard because the sound Gets clearly unpleasant near-maximum quantity: At maximum volume, songs are quite harsh and fatiguing.

While bass Is essentially non-existent, mids and highs sound smooth and tight. The sound is rather narrow, which is requested from a mono speaker however other Bluetooth speakers do a much better job of projecting audio externally. Additionally, the JBL GO 2 just fires sound forward so in the event that you sound to radiate evenly around the pool deck, then you’re going to want to receive a 360-degree speaker such as the UE Boom two.

Concerning battery life, you will receive about 5 hours listening at Approximately 50%. Should you crank it expect closer to 4, that can be quite short compared with other portable speakers, but that is the trade-off JBL produced by picking such a tiny form factor for your GO 2.


If You’d like the Smallest portable Bluetooth speaker, the JBL GO 2 is a competition, especially for the price. It is hamstrung with its physical size limitations, sonic capabilities, and battery life but we’re impressed by just how loud the speaker obtained.

Concerning competition, the Minirig Mini almost matches The GO two in dimension also sounds multitudes better thanks to its aptX service and much better driver. On the other hand, the Mini is not watertight and requires a proprietary charging cable.

The JBL GO 2’s nearest competitor comes from inside the household In the kind of this JBL Clip 2. Clip two can be waterproof and contains a Convenient clip for traveling and utilizing outside. However, Clip 2 prices twice as Much and in our view, we believe GO 2 is a much better value. If You’d like bass And can endanger in dimension, the JBL Switch 4 is a great option that will check All of the boxes on your list.

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