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Logitech Z906 Black Friday 2020

Though this 5.1-channel home theater bundle is mostly meant for use with a PC, it is just at home in AV surroundings as a result of its generous assortment of relations and attributes — especially its THX certificate, so it suits George Lucas’ exacting criteria for film playback.

Logitech Z906

Everything you get from the box is a collection of five compact satellite speakers plus a powered subwoofer that completely muster a fairly remarkable 500W of power not to be sniffed in from a streamlined system.
The Same front and back satellite game somewhat posh, inelegant bodywork, and their dark gray end and meshed grille in front offer them a techy, PC-centric appearance that some individuals may not need in their living room, but you can surely get away with this.

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Their build quality is Extraordinary — these chunky enclosures create them unusually hardy, to this point at which you’re able to envision them walking out unscathed from a fall down the stairs (however we did not try out that ). We like how every satellite faces upward slightly when put on the table also, and as an extra bonus, you can wall mount them because of its screw holes on the trunk. You also receive a dedicated center speaker, that can be orientated.

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In Terms of the subwoofer, It is cube-shaped and streamlined, which should not pose big issues whether you are pushing it under a desk or from the TV, and can be built to match the satellites. It is a side-firing layout using an 8in motorist and can be outfitted with audio decoders, a 165W amplifier, and each one the system’s links.

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These comprise three digital audio inputs (two optical and one coaxial), that can be convenient if you would like to join many sources concurrently (a DVD or Blu-ray player, Skybox, and console for example ). There is also a six-channel straight input for linking PCs, an analog stereo input along with a 3.5millimeter input for MP3 players, and so on. There is also a board of spring clip terminals to the speaker cable, and all these are also located on the rear of each speaker, rather than binding posts.

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Logitech Z906

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It is a pity there aren’t any HDMI inputs or HD audio partitioning, which could have left this more convenient to be used with Blu-ray gamers and game consoles.

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Among the system’s many appealing attributes Is your control console. Here is a small desktop device that sticks to the rear of the subwoofer and lets you correct the volume, change between the many sound styles, and adjust the amounts for every channel. That is clearly of better use to people utilizing the Z906 for a desktop PC system, however, if using it within a conventional home theater configuration you may use the supplied remote to control all those configurations, so either way, you are on a winner.

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This powerful THX-certified Speaker system which makes it simple for you to turn any room in a home theatre. Hear each single tire squeal, footstep, and scattering the method by which in which the studio planned in 5.1 discreet channels of volatile, comprehensive surround sound.


Love powerful, theater-quality Acoustics to your films, music, and titles. Dynamic satellite and center channel speakers and a 165-watt subwoofer provide crystal-clear high end, wealthy mid-tones, and large, deep bass.


Hear all detail around you. Logitech Z906 Black Friday and DTS encoding accurately recreate the ultimate surround sound combination on your own Kinect, DVD, and game soundtracks.


You’ve got the flexibility to place Your system on how that you desire. Join up to six audio sources – your computer, music player, game console, and even more. Put the satellite speakers on a plate or wall-mount them to personalize the system into the dimensions and seats of your amusement room.


Z906 speakers convert the Two-channel stereo out of your favorite old films, music, and matches right into an immersive surround sound experience.


The compact design Matches in with your home entertainment system. Control volume, power, mute, and Set inputs onto the console or on the sofa with the convenient wireless remote.

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