Moto X (4th generation) Black Friday Deals 2021

In this post we are going to provide you Moto X (4th generation) Black Friday Deals 2021. The Moto X4 is Motorola’s cheap, mid-sized smartphone that fits somewhere between the flagship Moto Z2 Force as well as also the budget-level Moto G5, also comes awkwardly near the Moto Z2 Play price with no benefit of Moto Mods.

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Moto X (4th generation)

It frees features from the phone Collection, such as a dual-lens camera, water resistance, a fingerprint scanner and lots of the identical design cues. Interior is where it places itself apart, using its mid-sized Snapdragon 630 chipset.

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There’s something else specific about the Moto Xit’s the First non-Google Android One phone from the Western world, and it is qualified for Google’s Project Fi mobile community. There is also a version available through Amazon Prime at the united states to get a discounted price, if you do not mind lock screen advertisements.

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Besides those features of this Android One version, most Versions of this Moto X4 are similar, with versions beyond the US with an option for additional storage and marginally enhanced memory.

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Any of The Moto X4 variations face intense competition from rival handsets such as the OnePlus 5 in a small uptick in price as well as Motorola’s own smartphone lineup. The Moto Z2 Play, by way of instance, gains from the usage of MotoMods, and also the price is barely any different. There are a number of likable features here, but insufficient to recommend over the phone at a really similar price.

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Price and release date

The Moto X4 launch date is October 26 at the United States and it costs $399 (roughly #370, AU$529) for your entry 32GB alternative. It’s also available through Amazon in the US as a Prime-exclusive for $329 with lock screen advertisements.

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Moto X (4th generation) Black Friday Deals

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If that is a little more than you want to cover all at once to get a Mid-range phone in the USA, you can get it on contract for $16.63 per month for 24 weeks throughout the Google Store. It is much less costly than other Google Fi phones offered together with it, such as the Pixel two and Pixel two XL.

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Do note that there is an Android One/Google Fi version of the Phone and a different one offered by Motorola, together with the latter setup boasting a couple more applications features which impact the hardware (Moto Display, Moto Voice and distinctive fingerprint sensor controllers ). The cheaper Amazon version keeps these Moto-exclusive features.


Motorola Is denying that the Moto X4 for a means to”capture octa-core functionality without sacrificing design,” and that is only true when you prefer Motorola’s signature phone layout and can not afford some of the other genuinely stylish octa-core phones out there enjoy the Galaxy S8, Note 8 or very-close-in-price OnePlus 5.

It follows present Motorola design clinics: smooth curves in the bottom and top, an oval-shaped fingerprint scanner in the base of the screen and an oversize back camera bulge aligned from the top-middle of this device. The screen is flanked by bezels on all sides which feel somewhat 2016. The volume and power button are on the ideal side and feel strong. There is no speaker grille at the floor, as the only real speaker is on the peak of the screen, doubling as the earpiece for phone calls.

The sad Fact of this layout is that it seems kind of dull in 2017. Forget all-screen, this can be an all-camera bulge phone, using its dual-lens camera function as 1 component that stands out. Worse, the back of this phone is cursed by an unfortunate gap between the smudge-friendly glass rear and metallic framework which makes for an unsightly dust snare. When compared with this aptly called Moto X Design Edition, its predecessor, Moto X4 feels stripped of any individuality as Motorola sets its best thoughts from the Moto Z lineup.


The Moto X4 includes a 5.2-inch Complete HD display that fits its own Mid-range identity over the flagship Moto Z2 Force. It will get the job done with large enough pixel density for everything aside from VR.

With so many phones which makes the change to OLED displays, Such as the similarly priced Moto Z2 Play, it is a shame to find that the Moto X4 Using just an IPS display, which lacks the pure elephants of OLED.

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