Samsung NU6900 Black Friday Deals 2021

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The Samsung NU6900 is a good entry-level 4K LCD TV. It Has an okay image quality using a high native contrast ratio but lacks additional more advanced features including local dimming to enhance image quality. It can’t get really bright and doesn’t have a broad color gamut, therefore it cannot provide decent HDR performance. It has a minimal input lag and a fast reaction time that are great for games, but movement handling is simply fair.

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Samsung NU6900 Black Friday Deals

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The design of this Samsung NU6900 is exceptional and quite Similar to the high end version NU7100. Even the TV casing is made from plastic but that doesn’t appear bad. The stand supports the TV nicely and also the TV is quite thin. When wall mounted, then it won’t float much. The build quality is adequate and shouldn’t cause any difficulties.

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Samsung NU6900 Sale

The Samsung NU6900 has a Nice image quality with Fantastic contrast ratio and great from the box colour accuracy. It cannot find bright enough to conquer glare and it cannot display the manager’s purpose when displaying HDR content on account of this lack of a large colour gamut and the crushing of highlights. Viewing angles are bad, and manifestation handling is adequate. A small darkened area is your very best environment for this particular TVs image quality.

The Gray uniformity of this Samsung NU6900 is adequate. Although the corners are somewhat darker, the center of this image is relatively clear and it’s improbable that you will observe any filthy screen result when watching sports. This performance is similar to higher-end Samsung versions such as the NU7100.

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Samsung NU6900 Deals

In darker shades of gray, the outcomes are Better and just very few folks could observe any shades around the monitor.

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Bad viewing angles to your Samsung NU6900, an almost Identical effect with that of this NU7100. Unfortunately, small motions off the center axis and the image fades to Gray as blacks become intense. That is an expected behavior of VA-panels.

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